Dr. Lori and Staff,
I just have to tell you how thankful I am for you andn your sweet staff.  All of you make your office a joyful place to be.  I feel such a sweet spirit when I visit you and I just know Jesus is honored there.  Dr. Lori, I love and appreciate your loving care and your beautiful talent and skill.  Your precious staff could not compliment you more.  I am so happy with my results - thank you all for taking such good carew of me.  And again, thank you for praying for me before surgery!!
                                                                               - Love and Hugs to all Deana O.


Thank you for your follow-up.  I am very pleased with my procedure.  I have had many compliments.
                                                                               - Rosemary B.

 Dear Dr. Hansen,
Thank you so much for piercing my ears!  I love them.  I think I look beautiful!  I loved how you explained everything.  You are so very nice.  I can't believe you were one Miss. Oklahoma!  That is awesome.
                                                                               - Thanks again, Juliet H. (age 12)


To those considering the ultimate makeover,
Dr. Lori Hansen is a gifted, compassionate surgeon.  My experience has covered a procedure about nine years ago and another very recently.  I have been thrilled with the results, due to the artistic touch of someone who knows how to really make you pretty, along with looking more youthful.
Lifting the contour of your face, and having your skin resurfaced can be done in a way that all the compliments you receive, and there will be many, are centered on how rested and fit you are.  You will be perceived as much younger by those you meet.  The scarring is so minimal, I could hardly believe it.
I'm sure some would call it vanity to have a face lift.  Personally, it has given me self-confidence to work with the public, and forget about how I look, because I know I'm the best I can be at any given age.
Do yourself a favor, if when you look in the mirror and your eyes are looking weary or your jaw line is screaming for attention, do something real, that makes a huge difference.
Time is passing and this is not that expensive.  You will love your clothes more, feel like your makeup looks better, and there will be a sparkle in your eyes that has been missing for quite a while.
I enjoy everyday living so much more, knowing while Father Time is not our friend, we really can do something to set the calendar back. 
Put yourself first for a change, use your vacation time for you.  When you get back into the swing of things, everything will be more fun.  I thank God that I made this choice, and I encourage you to do the same.
                                                                               - Sincerely, C.H.


I know I'm only 4 dyas post-op, but I can tell you how amazed I am already at Dr. Hansen's work!!  You and all of the staff have been beyond amazing leading up to this process and this huge decision in my life!  I cannot wait to see the results over the next few months!  It's already gone far beyond what I could have ever hoped for. Thank you all SO much!!

                                                                              - Blessings, Jamie.C.


Dear Dr. Hansen and Staff,
I want to express my sincere appreciation for your expertise in performing your duties. I always was treated in a kind professional manner by each and everyone of you.  This is a rare, but great accomplishment.

Your confidence of knowledge helped to alleviate my doubts and your sincere kindness soothed my soul.

                                                                              - Your most appreciative patient,
                                                                                                          Linda H.


I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you! Not only did you make me feel "young again", you did a lot of extra things for me.  It was appreciated more than you could know. Thank you to you and your great staff for all your caring and kindness.

                                                                                                                  -Warm regards,
                                                                                                                               June C.