Kalil Medical Products manufactures a medical grade chemical peel that is offered exclusively through Physicians' offices.  The Vi Peel® contains a blend of TCA, Tretinoin Acid (Retin-A), Salicylic acid Phenol and vitamins with virtually no discomfort and little downtime.  It tackles skin problems at the cellular level rather than just burning skin off.  Thanks to the actions of its many acids and vitamins, it will help erase fine lines and wrinkles, shrink enlarged pores, build collagen and elastin, and tighten skin.  It is extremely effective in reducing or eliminating hyper pigmentation including melasma.  The Vi Peel® also provides excellent results for acne in teens and adults. 

ViPeelThe Vi Peel® is applied to the skin in our office and allows the skin to peel over a matter of a few days.  This peel is the first to combine the strongest and most effective acids, but there is no need for any type of anesthesia.  Clients who undergo the Vi Peel® can resume their normal activities following the facial peel.  Care should be taken to avoid the sun and other damaging effects on the skin so the skin will continue to exhibit the renewed effect following the peel.  The peel may be repeated as often as once a month for men and women with damaged or problematic skin to maintain positive results.  Dr. Kilel's recommendation for maintenance of average skin is once every three months.  After the treatment, these amazing new looks can be maintained with the medical grade skincare and Retin-A.

A personal consultaation with us can help you determine if the Vi Peel® can benefit your skin.  Treat yourself to a "VIP" treatment that is sure to leave a lasting impression.