We use the BodyJet technology which is a new and unique alternative for bodysculpting and fat harvesting. It employs water assisted liposuction for a better overall result with less patient discomfort and less intra-operative tissue trauma. The BodyJet uses a gentle pulsating spray of sterile saline to loosen and dislodge cells without disrupting the functional tissue structures.

The pure fat is collected intact in a separate collector and is immediately available for transfer. The fat harvested from BodyJet has been shown in studies to be 90% intact and viable making it of the highest quality of fat cells being processed by conventional methods. This high quality fat is the perfect candidate for any application where fat transfer may be indicated for long term cosmetic improvements.  One component of an aging face is volume depletion.  Nothing is more natural than replacing your lost facial fat with your own body fat.  Not only do you achieve the more rounded facial contours of youth, but you also transfer large numbers of adult stem cells to your face to rejuvenate your skin.

Studies show the fat that remains at 6 months post procedure will be with you forever.